Bay County Roofing Professionals

Bay County Roofing Professionals


One of the main benefits of using Artisan Construction Co, Inc. is our knowledge of how insurance companies handle claims.  To many of the residents of Bay County, Hurricane Michael forced them to learn more about insurance claims than they ever thought they would need to know.  Between long wait times to even speak to their adjuster, to receiving an estimate that was complex and confusing, it left many people wondering how it would all work out.  Artisan deals with insurance companies daily and we work tirelessly for our customers.  It is our goal to educate each customer with our experience and maintain communication with them throughout the claim process.  It is rare that adjusters can correctly identify and detail all issues involved in a claim on the first inspection.  We work closely with your insurance company to ensure that our customers’ claims are adjusted accurately.

In some instances, what the insurance company initially writes up is not the full extent of work that needs to be completed including code issues, items not visible on the initial inspection and/or human error.  This was the case for one of our most recent customers in Bay County.  The initial estimate was missing several items and contained incorrect calculations.  After some documentation and correspondence, the insurance company and Artisan worked together to revise the initial estimate, therefore allowing the homeowner to have a complete re-roof of their home. Artisan understands that your regular life must go on, and we are here to help handle the confusion and take the hassle out of the claim process for you.


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Tony Brannen


Artisan Construction Co, Inc.